What is horizen?

Why are we special?

What can Horizen do?

Increase energy

Improve focus

Decrease stress

Maintain hydration

Boost immunity

Simple, clean ingredients

Avoiding toxins in your diet is an important step toward enhancing your overall health and wellness. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering the cleanest energy product in the world. Horizen Energy + Nutrients is, and always will be, naturally sweetened, colored, and flavored!

No crash. no jitters. no regrets.

People are talking

  • "An energy boost without the jitters! Caffeine drinks have always given me jitters or a sugar crash. Not Horizen! No nasty artificial sweetener, no sugar, and zero calories! Keeps me going all day long, no afternoon energy drop! And love love love the taste! A light, refreshing drink that keeps you going! This is a winner!"
    - Carolyn G.
  • "I am 41 years old and just starting using this, let me tell you this stuff rocks. I have a busy job being a K9 Officer, after work, I reach for Horizen to hit the gym. Most products mess my stomach up, not this stuff. Keep up the great work and thank you!"
    - Brad W.
  • "I am super pleased with both the ingredients and the light, refreshing taste. It's not overly sweet! One scoop with 16 ounces of water powers me through my day. It gives me clear focus and motivation without the jitters or crash! Will be buying this again."
    - Maddie B.
  • "This stuff gives you good clean energy and tastes amazing!! You can enjoy it with just water or make some delicious concoction with it. I highly suggest giving this a try. It's a GREAT alternative if you are hooked on high sugar energy drinks or sugar-free, chemical-filled options. You won't regret it!"
    - Charissa G.
  • "First of all, the price is amazing! I used to drink chemical-filled energy drinks but the last week I've switched to Horizen and I make it through my 12 hour night shifts with no issue. Heck, sometimes I don't finish my 16oz blender bottle of Horizen. I love that it has clean ingredients and how it is sweetened with Stevia. It provides me with sustained energy without jitters or crashing. Absolutely going to keep using the product!"
    - Lexi R.